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  Recover Failed Hard Disk Drive Data

The malfunctioning of data drive is one of the worst nightmares to come across and can cause serious problems to any businesses. Hard disk drive is a precision instrument of any computer. What happens if your computer tries to boot up and you notice symptoms of hard drive failure. Most common messages you see is ‘disk 0 error’ and ‘invalid drive specification’. This is nothing but a mere indication of hard disk failure.

Reasons for disk failure.

  • Natural disasters
  • Unexpected power loss
  • Human error
  • Virus attack
  • Failed component
  • Corrupted partition table
  • Damaged boot record
  • Missing directory information

Consequently, your data may no longer be accessible from your drive and the drive may even have stopped working. In such instances, iceBackup, with its highly experienced team can assist you find the cause of the damage and offer a full recovery service of your critical business data. Our professionally trained team can help you to restore all the data from all types of data drive failures. We ensure 99% recovery to all our clients and can also help you in putting pro-active measures in action to avoid future failures.


Our engineers can also provide you full support in recovering your data from any
a)  Physical damage to your hard drive caused due to mechanical failure or
b)  Non-physical failure such as an inaccessible hard drive issue caused due to a Damaged Master Boot Record (MBR) or corruption of any operating system (OS) files.


All recovery solutions involve a highly complicated process and we would advise you to be highly cautious before using any failed hardware recovery software. It is not recommendable to implement any solution without its complete understanding as any further damage can eventually lead to a total failure to the data drive and loss to all the business data.

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