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  Dedicated Backup Servers

Aimed at IT companies and medium to large organisations, it could more economical and easier to have your own dedicated backup server. Thel benefit for this is that you limit your capital expenditure, as opposed to investing in a totally new network infrastructure, but at the same time maintain full control of your accounts under your own management system.


This service lets you take advantage of our already existing network infrastructure, without having to make the financial long term commitments otherwise required when setting up your own system.

Greater Control & Customer Satisfaction

With an iceSERVER, you get total peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with an already established company with a large and reliable network infrastructure. Additionally you have round the clock support for your server and management.

  • Greater Direct Control for All User Accounts
  • No long term contracts holding you in
  • Zero bandwidth fees allowing you to transfer an unlimited amount of data between your clients and your backup servers without charge
  • Benefit from our already existing and highly resilient network infrastructure, saving you the headache of building your own.
  • Better Security for Multi-User Environments
  • Real-Time Creation of User Accounts
  • Apply your own Limits on Individual Accounts
  • Monitor All your User Accounts Backup Progress & Success Rate from One Control Panel
  • Full Report Logs of all Backup Server Activities from Backup to Restore Tasks
  • Modify Users Backup Sets from a Central Control Panel to Reduce Maintenance and Troubleshooting Time
  • Explore Users Backed Up Files & Folders from Admin Control Panel
    (Restore Requires User's Encryption Key)
  • Fully Customised User Interface to Reflect Company Logos and Contact Details
  • Free domain name included with every new account
  • Free SSL Certificate for your new domain name
  • Online backup software included as standard, including all configuration and management of the application
  • Get priority 24/7 telephone and email support

Dedicated iceServers provide you with a fully brandable interface and can be mapped across to your company domain name. We will manage the maintenance and hardware of the server and software patch releases for you, however, you will be in 100% control of your user accounts and storage capacity per account. This will allow you to add and remove users in real time as well as check on the progress of their backup accounts and monitor the storage space being used. The system comes with a web based control panel along with custom branded software for client-side access.

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Contact our team today to find out how you could benefit from becoming a partner of iceBackup. Simply visit our Contact Us page and fill in your details on the form, or give us a call today.

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