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iceBackup for Home


Storage Quota Setup Fee Monthly Equiv. Annual Payment  
50GB FREE £9.99 /month £119.88 /year
100GB FREE £29.99 /month £359.88 /year
150GB FREE £44.99 /month £539.88 /year
200GB FREE £59.99 /month £719.88 /year



iceBackup for Business


Storage Quota Setup Fee Monthly Equiv. Annual Payment  
0.5GB FREE £6.99 /month £83.88 /year
1GB FREE £9.99 /month £119.88 /year
2GB FREE £14.99 /month £179.88 /year
5GB FREE £19.99 /month £239.88 /year
10GB FREE £29.99 /month £359.88 /year
15GB FREE £35.99 /month £431.88 /year
20GB FREE £39.99 /month £479.88 /year
35GB FREE £59.99 /month £719.88 /year
50GB FREE £79.99 /month £959.88 /year
75GB FREE £109.99 /month £1,319.88 /year
100GB FREE £139.99 /month £1,679.88 /year
FREE £168.75 /month £2,025.00 /year



Optional Extras Included with iceBackup for Business


Microsoft Exchange Server Backup Agent £29.99 FREE Included
Microsoft SQL Server Backup Agent £39.99 FREE Included
Lotus Domino Backup Agent £29.99 FREE Included
Lotus Notes Backup Agent £29.99 FREE Included
Oracle Database Backup Agent £39.99 FREE Included
MySQL Backup Agent £29.99 FREE Included
in-File Delta FREE Included
Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy FREE Included



Micrsoft Exchange Server Brick Level Backup


MS Exchange Server Individual Mailbox Backup   £2.99 /mailbox /month



Installation Assistance


If you don't want to install the product yourself, one of our experienced and fully trained technicians can do it for you. Our remote installations are £49.99 per computer, which includes a fully documented installation report which you can refer back to should you experience any data loss.



Backup Management & Monitoring Service


iceBackup will MONITOR & MANAGE your backups on a daily dasis and resolve any arising issues for you. We would require remote access into your computer to carry out any changes, a full report is emailed to you on any changes made to the backup. The charge for this service is £14.99 /month for each individual backup set.



Manual Data Backup using USB Hard Drive


If you find that your data is too large to run the initial backup over the internet, our iceBackup software has the ability to allow you to securely backup this data onto an external USB hard drive and mail it to us in an encrypted format. We can then upload this directly onto our backup servers for you.


Initial Seed Load Backup using USB Hard Drive £0.75 per GB £99.99 Manual Backup Fee



Manual Data Recovery


iceBackup allows for you to download your backed up data directly from the iceBackup Online Backup Manager software or over our Online Web Based Control Panel from anywhere in the world. This is a FREE service with no hidden costs involved and can be accessed 24/7. You can be sure that you have instant access to your data in the event of a disaster or process of recovery. However, if you feel that you cannot download the data from the server FREE over the internet, perhaps because the size of data is extremely large, and you wish to have it sent to you on an external USB hard drive, iceBackup will be happy to accomodate your needs. Pricing for this recovery service is shown below and is exclusive of VAT:


Recovery over the Internet (Software or Web) FREE FREE Recovery
Recovery onto CD or DVD £39.99 per CD/DVD £99.99 Recovery Fee
Recovery on External USB Hard Drive £1.49 per GB Recovered £99.99 Recovery Fee


Please note that the prices above do not include Same Day Delivery or Next Day Delivery of the media to your office. We can arrange collection of any media from your office at a time convenient to you if required. For further information or to arrange immediate data recovery, please call our office on 0845 003 0601.

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