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iceBackup is happy to offer it's business customers a free-of-charge 30-day credit account, subject to our terms and conditions. If you would like to apply for a credit account with us, please fill in the application form below and return it to us via fax or email.


To qualify for a credit facility, you need to be either a reseller or have a minimum of 50GB storage account.


  Download Credit Account Application Form
  30-Day Credit Account Terms & Conditions
1. I/We acknowledge that any credit granted following this application will be subject to the terms and conditions stated in this application or as subsequently varied by iceBackup at its discretion and advised to me/us.

2. Payment terms are “Net 30 Days”, payment being due within 30 days from the date of invoice unless alternative terms are agreed upon by iceBackup in writing. Account payments are not subject to any settlement discount.

3. iceBackup hereby advises that, pursuant to s. 18E(8) of the Privacy Act 1988, information disclosed in the course of this credit application may be disclosed to a credit-reporting agency. Under Section 18E(8)(c) of the Privacy Act 1988 iceBackup is allowed to give a credit reporting agency personal information about your credit application, information which may be given to an agency is covered by Section 18E(1) of the Act and includes identity particulars (as permitted by the Privacy Commissioner’s determination issued under Section 18E(3); the fact that you have applied for credit and the amount, the fact that iceBackup is a credit provider to you, payments which become overdue outside of agreed trading terms and for which collection action has been commenced; advice that payments are no longer overdue; cheques drawn by you which have been dishonored more than once; in specific circumstances, that in the opinion of iceBackup you have committed a serious credit infringement; that credit provided to you by iceBackup has been paid for or otherwise discharged.

4. Pursuant to ss. 18K(1) and 18N (1) of the Privacy Act 1988 and para. 2.12 of the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct issued under s. 18A of that Act, you hereby agree to iceBackup obtaining personal information from a credit reporting agency or a credit provider for the purpose of assessing this application for commercial credit (including information as to creditworthiness); and agree to that agency or provider providing that information to iceBackup for that purpose. You further agree to the obtaining from, and provision by, such agency or provider further credit reports, which may assist iceBackup in recovering any sums outstanding under the terms of the commercial credit agreement to which this application may lead. iceBackup is not liable for any costs incurred in the completing of this Credit Application form. You are responsible for any stamp duty or other government charges levied on or in connection with this Application, Terms and Conditions, credit facility or guarantee.

5. Failure to comply with the “Terms of Credit” may result in “terms” being amended or credit withdrawn without notice.

6. Director’s Guarantee – If you are a corporate body, iceBackup may require one or more of your directors or officers to guarantee repayment of the balance of the credit facility. iceBackup will notify you of this requirement and seek your consent.

7. Confidentiality of your information – Except as required by law, iceBackup will only use or disclose your personal information as necessary for the credit facility. For example, to Accounts Receivables staff or to external auditors.

8. Default – If you or an authorised operator:
(a) obtain credit by fraud or dishonesty;
(b) allow the amount of a monthly statement to remain unpaid for more than 30 days from its date;
(c) breach any of these terms and conditions;
(d) use the credit facility in circumstances where iceBackup believes that the continued use of the credit facility may cause loss or damage to you or iceBackup or if
(e) any person who has guaranteed your obligations under the credit facility withdraws his, her or their guarantee, then iceBackup may close or suspend the credit facility. If the credit facility is closed or suspended then iceBackup may require immediate payment of all outstanding amounts. Suspension or cancellation does not affect any of your obligations or those of any authorized operator in respect of the credit facility.
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