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  Our Infrastructure
  Secure "Tier 1" Datacentres

The servers themselves are housed in multi-million pound purpose built datacentres across the world. They provide great levels of protection, which include fire protection, power stabilisers, full air-conditioning and authorised security on entry. Each of our datacentre locations across Europe is heavily protected against infiltration, fire and power outage. This is an environment where access is restricted to the welcome and the invited, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That's why so many organisations trust us with their mission critical infrastructure.


Fast network access.

We have a zero bandwidth fee policy. You are free to use as much uncapped bandwidth you like and as fast as your network systems allow. We are supported by industry leading bandwidth and connectivity providers which include Level 3 Communications, AboveNet, ClaraNet & EasyNet amongst others, and our speeds far exceed our competitors, giving you the maximum data transfer rates possible.


For the protection of our clients, all our datacentres are UK based. Not only does this ensure that you are storing your data in a politically stable country but it also provides you with the fastest access to your data as you don’t have to cross over the Atlantic Ocean or into Europe, which could prove to be a slow process. Additionally, you are protected by UK and Euqopean data transportation laws. This often prevents the transfer of sensitive data between countries without government approval first.

Power Stabalisers


Sites are carefully constructed with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and stand-by generation systems, raised floors, cable management and air conditioning to ensure a resilient location for your important infrastructure equipment. N+1 power is filter-fed to each building to prevent surging, supplied at 230V AC for computer systems and 48V DC in telecoms suites. UPS delivery is backed up with high capacity power generators with at least 48 hours worth of fuel; ample to survive disaster scenarios.


Internet Connectivity


Our datacentre sites have a minimum of 2 diverse routes entering our data centres at either end of the facility; the cables are routed securely to ODFs located in the frame rooms. All cabling within the facility is controlled by the datacentre, whereby carrier feeds are diverse and secure. Bandwidth is exclusively provided by Level (3), along with AboveNet, BT, ClaraNet, Global Crossing and Easynet to name a select few.


Access Security

  • 24x7 On-Site Manned Security
  • Personnel with Routine Checks.
  • Customer Access List, Smart Card,
  • Escorted Visits.
  • CCTV Throughout the Facility
    Monitored 24x7

Cooling & Fire Supression

  • Temperature of 230C (±20) in
    Equipment Zone
  • Humidity of 50% (±10%).
  • VESDA Fire Detection System.
  • Double Knock High Fog Fire
    Suppression System.
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