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Our system is not limited to any specific operating system, manufacturer or file type. The iceBackup Online Backup Manager software can be installed on virtually and server or desktop computer with just a few clicks.

Backup an unlimited number of computers.

Because we know that no network, be it home or work, runs on only one computer or server, we have applied the ability to install our software onto an unlimited number of computers under the one account without any additional cost. This way, you can ensure that all your data is safe and secure without having to worry about additional licenses for any new computers you may buy in the future.

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Our online backup system supports all file and folder structures, including iSCSI storage array boxes and NAS drives. Additionally, for no extra cost, our system will also backup your Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL and MySQL databases all from within the same software.


One major benefit of our system is the ability to seemlessly backup Microsoft Exchange Server. This can be setup through the onboard wixard featured within the software. We also have the ability to setup an Individual Mailbox Backup feature which will allow you to retrieve indvidual users items from within their account such as a specific email or calender item.


Included FREE with iceBackup:

  • MS Exchange Server Backup
  • MS SQL Server Backup
  • Lotus Domino Backup
  • Lotus Notes Backup
  • Oracle Database Backup
  • MySQL Backup
  • In-File Delta
  • MS Volume Shadow Copy

Keeping copies of those essential photos with a lifetime of memories can be difficult. With our software, it will automatically backup any new files or photos which you setup on the system so you do not have to worry if the unthinkable were to happen to your home computer.


As mentioned above, you can backup virtually any file with our system, be it your iTunes archive or your latest coursework from school or university. Our system would also allow you to go back in time incase you have overwritten some work within a file which you may later find that you need.


Included Free with iceBackup:

  • Backup your photos
  • Backup your university or school work
  • Ensure that all your family's data is protected securely
  • Backup all your computers under the same one account
  • Get extensive technical support free all year round

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