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Why should I backup online?
What security do you have in place?
Who has access to my data?
Is there a limit to my offsite backup transmittals?
Is iceBackup available to use with my
work-at-home business?
Is my internet connection adequate?
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How will I know if a backup is successful?
Can I backup multiple computers or
servers on one account?
Do I need to do anything before backup?
Is a password necessary?
Which files can be selected for backup?
How fast is my internet connection?
How long will it take to transfer my data?
Support Questions
How often can I do a backup?
I have forgotten my password,
how can I retrieve it?
What do I do if things go wrong on my computer?
When is support available?
Pricing for iceBackup
What subscription is best for me?
How do I renew my contract after
12-Months has expired?
How can I upgrade my account for
a larger capacity?
What about the length of the subscription?



Why should I backup online?


Online backups can take a great deal of stress and responsibility off your shoulders. You no longer have the often frustrating management of tapes and confusing software. Also, you are provided the best protection possible with a secure and safe offsite backup. Our online backup system protects you against an office fire, theft or data corruption resulting from hardware failures.




What security do you have in place?


Your data in stored in carefully selected, highly resilient datacentres. We have the only access to our servers, which are stored in a facility manned with round-the-clock security personnel and advanced CCTV/security monitoring equipment. For further information about our datacentres, please visit the Datacentre page on our site.

In addition to site location security, we have state-of-the-art Watchguard firewalls in place, allowing only necessary traffic into our system. Our servers are further protected by virus checking equipment to ensure that no malicious or damaging code can be executed, as data files are updated every 3 hours. The incoming internet feed is a multi-homed connection providing failover redundancy through having multiple data carriers to our network. Failover servers have also been introduced to ensure maximum uptime and connectivity. For added security your data is stored on the award winning EMC storage array systems.




Who has access to my data?


Only you, the end user, have access to your data. Your data is encrypted the moment it leaves your computer and is transmitted to our servers. In the highly unlikely event that data being transferred was somehow intercepted, it would be useless to the person intercepting it, since it is deeply encrypted with a military grade code. This code would take hundreds of years to break, if someone were to try. Your encrypted data is then stored on our secure servers, which are only accessible to us and are monitored 24 hours a day by onsite security personnel.




Is there a limit to my offsite backup transmittals?

Absolutely not. Data storage is just two clicks away, with limitless data transfers and offsite backups. You can backup as many times you like per day, per week… There is no limit on the amount of data you are allowed to transfer either, so if you decide to backup your entire computer 3 times a day, you are free to do so.




Is iceBackup available to use with my work-at-home business?


Yes. Work-at-Home businesses and self-employed individuals using personal computers instead of network servers or systems will find iceBackup the perfect solution to their backup needs. It is easily set up and will backup all your data, leaving you protected and worry-free.




Is my internet connection adequate?


Our online backup service transfers only altered or new data, and all data is compressed. This mean that connection requirements fall within average broadband limits, which allows the optimum use to our users and fast transfer times. As long as you can connect to the internet, preferably via broadband, you will be able to backup your data onto our secure data storage facilities.




How will I know if a backup is successful?


Once a backup is complete, you will, within minutes, receive an e-mail notification that tells you if your backup was successful or not. If your backup failed, this email will also provide the reason for the failure. Additionally, this notification gives you information on the number of files that have been transferred and updated on the backup server.




Can I backup multiple computers or servers on one account?


Yes. You can backup as many computers, or servers, as you wish within one account. As long as you have applied for enough storage capacity, you will be able to backup all of your systems. It is important to remember though, in order to prevent one computer from overwriting information on another computer: on the iceBackup software, uncheck the “Schedule This Computer for a Backup” at the bottom of the Backup Set screen for every computer you DO NOT want to backup with this Backup Set. This will apply for every Backup Set created within your account.




Do I need to do anything before backup?


You need to close all programs when your work is completed, but DO NOT turn off your PC. Your backup occurs automatically through our installed software according the schedule you have set. For your ease of use, the software can be setup to turn off your PC once a backup is complete.




Is a password necessary?


Your iceBackup files are encrypted by your selected password. File retrieval access is available only with your password. Your password is not available to iceBackup, which ensures all file access is strictly limited to users with your password. By the same token, you may opt not to encrypt your files.




Which files can be selected for backup?


Any files, folders and directories may be selected for backup using our software. Before selections are made, verify the file formats of your email, word processing, database applications and the default file locations, and remember, application and execution files should not be selected to backup. You will always use your My Documents folder for your backups, which is advisable. A last reminder: you cannot retrieve files not selected for backup!




How fast is my Internet connection?


Your internet connection speed depends on your broadband internet provider, as well as the subsciption package you have enrolled for. To find out your actual speed without having to find your subscription paperwork, please feel free to click on the link below to carry out a speed test on your network. It is iimportant to make sure that no-one else is using the internet at the same time and that there are no downloads in place at the time of testing.





How long will it take to transfer my data?


Your data transfer rates to the backup server depend on your internet connection UPLOAD speed. To find out your upload speed, please use the Speed Test above. The table below shows the data transfer rates and amounts for different levels of speed. You can find out yours by looking at your upload speed in the far left column.


Transfer Rate
Data per Minute
Data per Hour
Data per Day
Data per Week
256 Kbps
1.83 MB
109.86 MB
2.64 GB
18.46 GB
512 Kbps
3.66 MB
219.73 MB
5.27 GB
36.91 GB
768 Kbps
5.49 MB
329.59 MB
7.91 GB
55.37 GB
1 Mbps
7.15 MB
429.15 MB
10.30 GB
72.10 GB
2 Mbps
14.31 MB
858.31 MB
20.60 GB
144.20 GB
3 Mbps
21.46 MB
1.29 GB
30.90 GB
216.29 GB
5 Mbps
35.76 MB
2.15 GB
51.50 GB
360.49 GB
8 Mbps
57.22 MB
3.43 GB
82.40 GB
576.78 GB
12 Mbps
85.83 MB
5.15 GB
123.60 GB
865.17 GB

Kbps = Kilobits per Second ; MB = Megabytes ; GB = Gigabytes ; Values Accurate to 2 Decimal Places


To download backed up data from the iceBackup Servers in the event of a disaster or failure, the above speeds will also apply but this is relevant to your DOWNLOAD speed value from the Speed Test. If you have any questions relating to the speed test or it's values, please feel free to contact us on 08704 322 633 and an engineer will be happy to help.




How often can I do a backup?


Our FREE software allows you backup your systems as often as you like. You can set the software to backup on a daily basis, which is the most common practice, or on an hourly basis, if you feel this is more suitable. There is no limit to how often you can schedule backups, as we feel your data security should be 100% in your control at all times.




I have forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?


Please go to our OBS User Configuration page, where you will be able to recover your password. Click on: “Forgot Your Password?” and your password will be emailed to your registered email account. To reach the User configuration page, visit, and click on: OBS User Configuration page.




What do I do if things go wrong on my computer?


If you have encountered a major difficulty, whether a crashed hard drive, lost files, transferring your data to a new system, reinstalling your files or needing to access your work from another location - you can do it all. Simply access an internet connection and continue working with any file you had selected for backup prior to the problem. You can recover your data from our secure website at, or you can simply recover your files from the free iceBackup software.

From the software, you will:
•  Click 'login'
•  Enter your login name and password
•  Click 'restore'

Forgot your login details? Just click 'forgot password' and enter your email address. Your login name and password will immediately be sent to you.




When is support available?


Our help and support is continuously available to you - we ask that you please complete our contact form or call our Technical Support team at 08704 322 633 during normal business hours. If you wish to contact us our of normal business hours, we can provide you details of our mobile engineer who will be happy to help you. You can also refer to the User Guide (available to download) on our website Support page.




What subscription is best for me?


Determining the subscription that is best for you is simple. First, create a new folder, then copy your files for backup to this folder. Take note! Copy only data files, not software program files. Next, select this folder and 'properties', to find the amount of data storage space needed. Your data will be nearly 50% - 75% compressed, however we do suggest that you base your subscription decision on the amount of uncompressed data, as you'll save data at different times.




How do I renew my contract after 12-months has expired?


By default, your contract is automatically renewed after 12 months to ensure that your data protection is never interrupted. We will debit the payment using the method shown from your most recent payment instruction.

If you wish to close your account, please email or call the office 30-days prior to the renewal date to notify us of your desire to cancel. Your account will be closed for you when your pre-paid period has expired.




How can I upgrade my account for a larger capacity?


To upgrade your account, select the “Upgrade Account” link from our website's Support section. You will be invoiced for the difference in fees between your previous monthly amount and the new, upgraded monthly amount for the remainder of your 12-month pre-paid term.


Upgrade Fee = £24.99 (VAT)

Cost of Upgrade = (“New Monthly Fee” – “Old Monthly Fee”) x Remaining Months in Current 12-Month Contract




What about the length of the subscription?


A no obligation trial account, with the use of 50MB, is FREE for a 30-day period. Subscription fees are pre-paid to cover 12 consecutive months and are non-refundable if you choose to sign up. Prices are exclusively GBP and exclude VAT unless stated otherwise.


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