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iceBackup provides outsourced online backup facilities for businesses as well as individuals. We are one of the UK's leading online backup service providers, ensuring the highest levels of data security and protection for a large number of organisations.


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Although we operate from the UK, our client base is worldwide and currently we provide data security and disaster recovery solutions for companies in over 40 countries across the globe.


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Online backup provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect critical business data. Yours could be simple 'file' data or a more complex databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL. In all cases the hassle-free, peace-of-mind provided by iceBackup's online backup service is refreshing and rewarding to your business.


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Our accounts range from 0.5GB to an unlimited quota. You are able to order your online backup account online directly through our website. Follow the link below to see how affordable our all inclusive data protection system is.


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iceBackup offers a free evaluation of the software with 1GB of storage for 30-days. You can evaluate and use our software to find out how easy it is to use.


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We offer a wide diversity of possibilities to our Resellers, and are actively integrating reliable IT Companies, Internet Service Providers and Value Added Resellers, to our online backup services. Our goal is to develop long term partnerships.


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Online Backup

For the vast majority of businesses today loss of data simply is not an option. Although many individuals and firms back up their data in a number of different locations it is sometimes not enough. Utilising an Online Data Backup service is fast becoming an essential layer of secure storage and is the only choice for an ever increasing number of businesses. Many people wrongly assume that their local storage facilities are 100% safe that is until they become corrupted for one reason or another and vital data is lost. Ice Backup are regarded as the UK’s no 1 provider of online storage solutions and have carried out an extensive period of research and testing to assure you of complete peace of mind. Leaving your vital data open to theft, hardware malfunctions, viruses and fire or water damage can be a recipe for disaster and not only leave your business in disarray but can also result in severe financial losses. Offsite data storage is an option that most forward thinking businesses currently utilise but more and more firms are adding that additional layer of security that online backup can offer.

The advantages of using the services of Ice Backup include, but are not limited to: No changing of tapes, instant recovery of deleted or corrupted files, secure limitless data storage on Dell and EMC servers, automated back up at any specified time and of course the technical experience and expertise backed by Ice Media 24/7. When investigating a potential provider for this vital service we would strongly urge you to research thoroughly and also check the potential provider’s credentials extremely carefully. Failure to take these steps can result in catastrophic consequences both for your business, yourself and your employees. There have been several well documented cases of businesses having to fold due to inadequate data storage provision not only for the aforementioned reasons but also because of unforeseen events. As technology increases the number of dangers also increases and due to the speed of these advances the complications or dangers may not be known until it is too late, don’t take the chance, speak to the Online Backup specialists at Ice Backup today. The need for an effective Online Data Backup system is further reinforced by statistics which state that there is only a 30% survival rate for UK businesses that suffer serious data loss and the remaining 70% of businesses fail within their next 18 months. Aside from the obvious advantages of Online Backup which have already been mentioned another factor that must be highlighted is the cost. An example of these savings could be illustrated by the fact that very little work is required from the business end to install and maintain the service and no additional hardware is required. Our backup system uses your existing broadband connection and saves you the expense of buying additional equipment that would only become obsolete over time. Using the Ice Backup system is simplicity itself, install the software and select the files, directories and other data formats you need to regularly back up, these files will then be automatically backed up at a time of your choice unless you remove them. Your files are encrypted and compressed and then transmitted via an SSL to IceBackups’ secure servers’ storage facilities. Keeping a record of what has been backed up and when is also very straightforward for the subscriber, all back ups generate an e-mail notification or if the back up instruction has not been received you will also receive an e-mail, this system enables you to regularly monitor your back up systems performance. It is an attention to detail such as this that we believe separates us from our competitors and further cements our position as the leading specialists in Online Backup. As a company we realise that you are only as good as your last client which is why we place our customer care at the very forefront of our day to day operations. We hope that if you are pleased with the service we provide and the level of security offered, we hope you will tell your friends and colleagues about us. A word of mouth recommendation regarding our Online Backup services in our opinion is the best form of marketing available anywhere and the all round service you receive from us will illustrate to you why the client is always at the centre of our company ethos. Please take your time to browse our website and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Online Data Backup

As previously mentioned there are a multitude of options when considering the best way of backing up vital data and many people use more than one option for added security. To ensure maximum protection, an Online Backup element to storage is becoming more and more essential to a number of businesses in a number of different sectors and Ice Backup are fast becoming the only choice for the forward thinking business. With backing from our parent company Ice Media we are able to draw on the experience and technical expertise of a number of specialists and are confident we can help you and provide recommendations and relevant advice that are specific to your business needs. The difference between Ice Backup and the majority of our competitors is that we own and operate our own network of backup servers; this not only gives you a dedicated centre of control but also enables us to maintain and sustain our systems independently of any third party involvement. We are committed to providing the client with the utmost security with unrivalled speed and our state of the art back up facilities were designed with these two vital elements at the forefront. Our data centers where the online backup data is stored are high security and not accessible to the public and combined with 24 hours monitoring by our network technicians there really is no more a secure place for your vital data. The design and manufacture of our server equipment is also something we take a great deal of pride in and the quality control and testing procedures employed really are second to none. In conjunction with our partners at Dell, EMC and Cisco to name a few you can be confident that your Online Data Backup can be in no safer hands. People often ask if it is possible to back up multiple servers and computers within one account; the answer is yes. Providing you have applied for enough storage space you will be able to back up as many systems as you like. Please note that in order to prevent the overwriting of information from one computer to another it is essential that you uncheck the ‘Schedule this computer for a backup’ on every computer. Again, if you have any questions regarding this technical issue please contact us. As previously mentioned Online Backup, at least effective and secure backup, is a specialised discipline which should be left to the professionals. Leaving such a vital component of your business to a firm without the necessary experience and professional acumen can be as detrimental to your business as having no backup at all. Many firms run an online backup facility in conjunction with their more generic business interests and may not be as able to deal with the unexpected as a dedicated provider such as Ice Backup. These providers may be a bit cheaper but they are cheaper for a reason, the quality of service. To sum up, it is never worth jeopardising your business for the sake of a few pounds. Our reputation as a forward thinking company is illustrated by our commitment to improving our visibility via the leading internet search engines. We are in the process of taking active steps to ensure that our Online Data back up services are visible to those who are searching for a quality provider for their Online Backup needs without having to trawl through a multitude of perhaps irrelevant or unsuitable websites. We believe the steps we are taking now will go some way in taking our business right into the 21st century and beyond.

Providing you with the ultimate in Online Data Backup is not just our business but also our passion and we are convinced you will not find a more comprehensive and efficient service anywhere. If you are in any doubt as to our credentials or all round expertise please feel free to ask us for some details of our portfolio of satisfied customers testimonials, any firm who is unwilling or unable to comply with this relatively simple request should be treated with extreme caution or perhaps even avoided altogether. You’ve identified the business need and have all the relevant information so what are you waiting for? Call us today and find out for yourself why we are becoming increasingly unrivalled in our particular sector. Your initial contact with us will be treated with genuine enthusiasm and you will immediately realise that you are dealing with a rarity in today’s ultra competitive world, a firm with a real pride and belief in the services they provide. To reiterate, if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding any aspect of our Online Backup services please do not hesitate to contact us, we are a proactive company who value client feedback above anything else.
Online Data Backup | Online Backup | Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery | Server Replication
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